Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ab Ex Sculpture

Host: MR via MC

Inspired by his trip to the MoMA Abstract Expressionism exhibit, MR's project was Abstract Expressionist sculpture, to be made from cardboard scavenged in the neighborhood. Materials turned out to be provided by some one stop shopping as a nearby condo had just put out a bunch of boxes from some flat pack furniture.
In concept, the product is the photo itself, not the sculpture, which was a dynamic way to shift the ideas in the 2D canvases of De Kooning et al into a 3D format and then back to something flat. This is of course keeping in mind that in BANOS spirit the process is just as much a part of the project as the product and interpretation of the project is meant to be loose, as we'll see in the following photos.

MC's sculpture looks like the future as conceived by an AbEx era pop scientist. Especially considering the materials involved, he gets a remarkably sturdy effect here that gives the mismatched upper half and angular base stronger energy.  

MR makes excellent work of shadow, does a nice job of capturing the AbEx spirit in his shapes, and even incorporates the angle of the traffic boundary in the background for a strong juxtaposition. He and MC both showed quick mastery of the materials and heart of the evening's project.
DH created a deeply personal piece, which included hair clippings. The "before and after" feel of two separate sculptures provides tension. Note that DH did not set the two pieces neatly beside each other.

NG's tiny pot on a rising coil strays from the abstract in Abstract Expressionist, but he let the materials determine the shapes, and this is what emerged. The way the jagged shadows made by the angular flames play out against the coil is the strongest element here.