Monday, January 11, 2010


Host: M.C.

4 pages were divided into four segments. (4 = number of members - 1) Each member wrote his name in the upper left corner of his sheet, then passed it to another member. In 3 minute intervals, each member drew one other member. IMPORTANT: no pencilling, time limits observed. After each 3 minute interval, a very brief discussion decided who would draw who next, and each sheet was passed (i.e., the sheet with "Harrison" written in the upper left was passed to someone who hadn't yet drawn Harrison). Moving around table for better angles permitted; what's vital is that all portraits are drawn while all other members are also in the act of drawing portraits.






This was a rewarding project that made us more familiar not only with our own and each other's techniques but also with our perceptions of one another. This was especially stimulating because it was Nathan's trial run with B(A)NO[S] and his first time meeting (perceiving, being perceived by) Mike and Harrison.