Monday, November 22, 2010

Printmaking: a well-documented session with a SPECIAL GUEST

Host: DH

For this BANOS session we were joined by special guest MOMO. Learn more about him here.

Using cardboard tubes, lots of ink, and household supplies like rubber bands, string, rope, buttons, and burlap, members created prints.

  1. Paste, tape, or otherwise adhese things to a carboard tube.
  2. Coat the tube in ink or paint either by coating it with a brush or rolling it on or slathering the tube in a puddle of ink.
  3. Roll the tube onto paper. Repeat on a few sheets to experiment and to see how the pattern changes.
  4. After the first layer dries, try adding to it with more shapes and patterns, or re-applying the same shapes or patterns with different colors.


DH's rubber band and button print.
MOMO's circles and relief.

Incidental life prints. Better than the intended product? Your call.

MC's lifestyle shapes with webbing, inspired by satellite member HM's reminiscence of printing a whole pair of shorts.

MR's "am I here ... or over here?" print.

NG's repeated rope plus table football.


Clean-up time.

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