Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shapes of Things

Host: MC at Cleopatra's Gallery

This project was unique in that it was open to the public. For one evening,  B(A)NO[S] occupied Brooklyn gallery Cleopatra's, set up a movie screen and a digital projector, ordered some upside-down pizzas, and invited friends and their friends to help create a wall of cut-out shapes.

The goal was to explore the iconic quality of something's (or someone's) shape when devoid of line, shade, and color using scissors and black paper.

As participants finished cut-outs, they were encouraged to tape them to the wall to create a one-night exhibition at a sort of pop-up gallery within a gallery.

Many participants drew free-hand with scissors, some even without visual references. Others drew with a pencil from photos or objects in the gallery before cutting out.


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