Monday, April 12, 2010

Exhibition Posters

Host: DH
Date: April 10, 2010

This was an improvisatory, very successful project. Sitting at the head of the table, playing to a skeptical audience of three, host Derick leafed through a book "that it looked like he'd found in the trash" (MC) of posters by Picasso. After plenty of teasing about his storytime approach, the group began spiritedly critiquing the posters in the book and agreed that the night's project should be inspired by the book.

PROJECT: Draw in rapid succession a series of B(A)NO{S} Group Show posters. Loose interpretation and functionality is fine, perhaps encouraged. The group was inspired by Picasso's brazenly unfussy line style that Picasso used in a lot of posters. I'm Picasso, dammit, it doesn't hafta look good.
RESULTS: A smashing good time and a wealth of work generated by the group.
NOTE: B(A)NO{S}, as a rule, likes to plan the project ahead of time, and for the most part, this should be the rule. Still, keeping things loose and making this one up as we went along was probably an element of the evening's success.
LIFE LESSON: The group's patience with Derick's admiration for the book paid off big time. Remember that B(A)NO{S} is a judgment-free zone. You get better results that way.

Future chapters may consider:
A) Basing a project on the commercial work of a fine artist
B) Picking a book at random from the host's shelves and using it as a jumping-off point
C) Improvising a project on the spot, but not more than once per rotation


Mike's portrait by facial hair

Milton's postage stamp poster

Derick's optimistic plans
for B(A)NO{S} this summer

Nathan's Solo Goup (sic) Show poster

One of our favorite (?) posters
from the Picasso book

You can get the book cheap.

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